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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm Stuck!

Indeed we are Pandemonium Plantation. This is a re-enacted photo but here is the story behind it. We have a new electric fence for the chickens, most of the children do not know exactly how to unhook it to be able to enter into chicken territory. Claire and Samuel were sent out to collect eggs for Stephen. They remembered the egg basket this time. About half an hour later they had not reappeared so I told Shea to ring the bell for them to come in. I thought they had decided to play outside since I had not given clear instructions to collect eggs and come in. Shea rang the bell and then told Stephen to come out because they were yelling like crazy. She was a bit concerned. Stephen went out and yelled for them to come in. Claire yelled back "We're stuck!" "Where are you stuck?", "In the chicken coop." We quickly realized what had probably happened and rushed around to the back of the house laughing. There was the step ladder, on the outside of the fence. On the inside were 2 children and several chickens. The children had climbed up the ladder and hopped the fence not thinking through how to get back out. Stephen unhooked the fence and let them out. A great lesson for everyone on how not to be lazy and how to think through their actions. Guess what happened to Stephen....the very next day. That is a story for another time.


FullquivOrr said...

Um... was it a joke to type everything in 'Webdings'?

: )

Olivia said...

Wow that is a little like me .Did stephen shock himself?? Liv