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Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Website

We've now started a new website where we will be continuing to post on our blog. This page should redirect there, but if it doesn't, click here.

Thank you and enjoy!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jonathan Edwards Breagy

Yesterday Jonathan  was born, we are blessed to be a family of 4 girls and 4 boys.


Monday, January 28, 2013

A Joke Improved Upon??

Do you live in a normal family?  I don't.  I live in a crazy family and I'm proud of it.  Each one of us contributes our own level of craziness, making for an interesting but super-duper fun mix.  One of the chief contributors funniness-wise (Is that even a word?  I don't think so) is my 4-year-old brother, Pip.  Pip-squeak (and he really is a peanut size-wise) is a boy who loves to talk.  He loves being the center of attention and will often become quite a nut when he has a captive audience.  Pip is usually pleasant-mannered (I did say "usually") and has many friends.  One of Pip's closer friends, Seth, told Pip a joke a while ago.  Now, Pip loves a good joke, and he decided that this one was his new favourite.  He does make a slight change in the joke, though, and I will leave it to you to decide if his version improves the joke. 

Original Version

Jokster:  Hey, I think I left my henway in your room 

Unknowing Victim:  What's a henway?

Jokster:  About 3 or 4 pounds

Pip's Version (which he doesn't realize is pretty different from the original)

Pip:  Uggg!  I think I left my chickenway in your room.  What's a chicken way?  Oh, 'bout 3 or 4 miles.  

(yes he tells the entire joke himself and leaves no room for another participant)

So what do you think?  Is my little brother a goofball or what?  If you say "what", I will just assume that you know very little of Philip.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Shea gifts

I got this in my stocking (sorry about the pic not being that well they were taken on my iPod 
I got this from a good friend Madeline
I got this from Claire 
I got this in my stocking 
i got this in my stocking 
i got this in my stocking
I got this from Aunt gina Thank you 
I got this from mom and dad 
Claire and my cat has one to 
I got this from my Grandma Oma thank you 
I got this from Pip
I got this from Mom and Dad 
I got this From Aunt Gina This is very helpful sense i can not drawl 
I got this from Mom and dad 
I got this from Claire 

 Merry Christmas!!! Here are all of our stockings 
                                          the tree witch you can not see mean of our gifts
                                         Miss B with her stocking

                                                   My stocking
                                                   And Stephens to

                                                    our YUMMY brakfast

                                         all if us girls with the coat that Aunt Gina gave us Thank you aunt Gina
                                         and the boys and these are not all our gifts don't worry