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Thursday, September 01, 2011

A Day In The Life Of Pandemonium Plantation

Have you ever had one of those days where you are going a mile a minute and your plans for the day keep changing? Today was one of those for me. It started so perfectly arranged: meet new harp teacher for lessons, have lunch out with Grace, stop by Walmart for a few things, go to her hair appointment. As we are leaving I remember the really expensive harp can not stay in the back of the car, the heat will warp it. Change of plans #1- no lunch out with Grace- we must quickly bring the harp home after lessons and before hair- 20 minutes each way. At harp telephone call from a farm customer- I forgot Wednesday is the day to drop off eggs and milk- change #2 race home after hair, grab eggs, switch Stephen for Grace be there by 4:30. Dropped off harp at home and decide to go to Walmart during Grace's hair appointment to save time-change #3. After Walmart and hair appointment receive call from Stephen saying Steve wants to come drop off eggs with me. It is a new location and not a great neighborhood-change #4. Drive into driveway-the pregnant goat is in labor. Grace quickly exits the car (forgetting to turn it off, it was in park) to get dressed for the upcoming delivery. I quickly get Abigail out of her seat, grab groceries, yell to Stephen to go be with the goat in case of complications until Grace arrives, and rush into the house to change myself. Steve was in the shower and is oblivious to what is going on so I give him a brief rundown as I change. He calls our buyer and lets her know he will be late- change #5. I put away groceries and rush outside with Abigail. Claire is running in to get our laboring supplies. We head outside together and begin waiting-who knows how long yet we think it will be relatively short. Steve decides to leave to deliver eggs by himself but receives a telephone call delaying him- change #6. After 5 minutes outside the goat begins to moan (yes, they do moan) and the pushing began. The baby is delivered shortly after the pushing began, we are relieved at the ease this time, last delivery was a bit harder. The kid is wiped up and the next one slips out. YEAH! Two new additions to our herd the question is what gender? Relief at the outcome-one boy and one girl. Mama goat tends to the babies, Steve is still here and decides I need to quickly change and come with him so we can speak to one another today-change #7. I rush in and change and head to the car with Abigail. We drop off eggs and decide to go to Sam's club since we are halfway to Fayetteville- change #8. We pick up snacks for the upcoming trip and Steve decides we need to eat out- change #9. We have a relaxing time eating while Abigail eats napkins and generally wants to move around. We stop for coffee and as we head home receive a call saying the little boys are misbehaving what should they do? Answer- leave the boys alone and Daddy will take care of them when we arrive. Arrive home- make sure farm chores are done, try to decide on names for baby goats, discipline boys, put them to bed, prepare Abigail for bed, sit on couch and rethink the day and realize I never accomplished some important things like phone calls. As Scarlett O'Hara says "I'll think about it tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day."


Anna-Rebekah said...

Your post made me chuckle - it's nice to read about real events and real people. Glad to know we're not the only ones with crazy days : ).


Anonymous said...

Wow Aunt KK. This makes me relise that days are not Perfect.Congrats on the Goats.Olivia