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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Chicken Feed Catastrophe, Just Another Day On The Breagy Family Farm

Here are the two renditions of the story from Stephen and Samuel:

Samuel - I put the chicken food into it's feeder and didn't screw it on all the way. And I was handing it to Stephen, and it spilled. And Stephen swept it up and then he took it and poured it back in. And mom told me to go get the vacuum cleaner and vacuum it up. And then we went and gave the chicks their food.

Stephen - I was downstairs talking to mom and dad, when dad asked me to go give my chicks some more feed. "I'll do it for you, Stephen!", Samuel, my 5 year old brother yelled. "Thanks Sam!", I said. Mom, Dad, and I continued our conversation when a couple minutes later, Sam came down and said, "Here you go Stephen." I thanked him again, after which I grabbed the top of the container. Turns out, Sam hadn't actually screwed it down all the way, so the feed poured out, dumping out into a "feed mountain" on the kitchen floor. Mom and Dad burst out laughing, while Sam just stood there, his arms still held out in the position he had them before the incident happened. We swept most of the food up, vacuumed the rest, and then gave the chicks their food.

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