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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Carolina Tour: Day 1: Ninety-Six

On Thursday, Grace, Dad, Shea, Claire, and I took two of the Allen children (Mary and Jon) with us to a tour on the southern campaign of the American War of Independence. It was the first day of the Tour. First, we went to Ninety-Six which is a strange name for a town. The reason it was called Ninety-Six was because the citizens thought it was 96 miles to the Cherokee town of Kiowee.

There was a Fort located on Ninety-Six called the Star Fort. It was built by Col. John Cruger to defend his troops from Major Gen. Nathaniel Greene and his troops. As General Greene was preparing for an attack, he learned that Cruger was receiving 2,000 more reinforcements from Charleston, SC. Greene had three options

1. To stay and attack the reinforcements
2. To retreat from the Star Fort
3. To make an attack on the Star Fort before the reinforcements arrived

General Greene chose the third option which was unsuccesful. The results were that Greene lost 150 men while Cruger lost less than 100. It was really interesting. Here are some pictures:

Mr. Potter giving a lecture on Ninety-Six

A picture of the bloody attack on the Star Fort

This is where the Star Fort was located

Claire Bear taking a break

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