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Monday, January 12, 2009


Every year, a couple days after Christmas, we go to see our friends in Indiana. On Wednesday, December 31st, Daddy was driving in the 15-passenger van to go to a meeting with Mr. Williams and Mr. Mozingo (2 of the elders of the church there). The van was low on fuel so He pulled into the gas station to feul up. He pulled out and was just going to get on the highway when the car stopped running. He tried to start it up but it would not start. Suddenly, he saw a flame under the hood. He went into the gas station to see if anyone had a fire extinguisher. He walked in and heard someone say "Hey, Someone's car is one fire!". Dad turned and saw the car was on fire! He called Mr. Daming and told him to come and to bring a fire extinguisher. They got there but it was to much for only on fire extinguisher so they called 911. When they got there, it was too late, the van was swallowed up with flames. We do not have a van any more. Please pray for us as we look for a new car!


Joshua Horn said...

It really burnt up! We are glad that no one was hurt.

Uncle Mike said...

Holy cow! It's a good thing none of you were in it! Someone must have been watching out for you all.

Have you gotten a new vehicle yet?

Baker Family said...

Breagy family,

I can't believe how easy it is to locate you...Donnie called me from Nurenburg, GE (we live in Budapest) to tell me that he saw Steve's picture in an add in his World magazine. A quick google search...and there you are! Sounds like things are going well! Love to catch up...
our blog is bakerfamily6...we are new to blogging, though.

Don and Diane Baker