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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Tuesday was an exciting day. We met at a hotel and then we walked to Plymouth Rock. I thought that it would have been a little bit bigger but it was not. It had 1620 engraved on it. After that we went to the Mothers monument. It was Mr. Phillips's favorite. It told how mothers brought up their children in sturdy virtue. On the front it had a mother on it. We walked to the Bradford statue where we got some hot chocolate. The William Bradford statue was a picture of William Bradford leaning on his sword. Then we went to Brewster Garden. It was beautiful! It had flowers all around it and there was an entrance, oh it was beautiful! Then we went to the Jenny Grist Mill. He showed us how the mill worked. I was afraid that the whole entire mill would blow up! But it didn't. Then we hoped on a bus and went to Plymouth Plantation. It was great! They do such a good job rein acting how the pilgrims would have acted, dressed, talked etc. Then we had dinner with the pilgrims! It was terrific! Some of the food was yucky but I had some of all of it. Then we came home on the buses and went back to the cottage.

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