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Thursday, December 13, 2007


Thursday was Thanksgiving! The weather was beautiful! It was sunny and warm. We went up to Burial Hill and Mr. Phillips talked about it. He also told us that the Pilgrims were going to have a parade and that we could march in it with them! They would start on the street and then walk up to Burial Hill and then John Robinson would "preach a sermon". My friends and I ran down there with their parents and we waited for a little while. Finally, when heard a drum! They were coming! We saw them and when the last Pilgrim passed us, we hopped in line. It was kind of a long walk. When we got to Burial Hill, John Robinson gave his 10 minute sermon. When we were done, we walked to the Pilgrim Museum. I got to do a treasure hunt. I even got to touch a piece of Plymouth Rock! Then we had a Thanksgiving dinner. It was a very big dinner! When we got to the cottage, we went straight to bed. We were so worn out!

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