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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Trip to Tennesse

On Friday, we travelled with our friends, the Horns, to Tennessee. We went to Tennessee because the people in Tennessee invited Mr. Horn to preach. We were really tired from 9 hours of driving! When we arrived, we went to the Drapers house(people from Tennessee) and ate dinner there with another family, the Vaughn's. We were going to stay at the Vaughn's house for the night and the Horns were staying at the Draper's house so a little while after dinner, we left for the Vaughn's house. When we got there we went straight to sleep. We were really tired! When we woke up, we got dressed for the Lord's day. After we had breakfast, the children sang some hymns. Then we packed up our stuff and headed for church. Mr. Horn preached on Ezekiel ch 34. After church we had a fellowship meal. Then the Horns packed their stuff in our car and we headed out for North Carolina. It took us one night to reach NC and we started a little late so we slept in a hotel. We finally reached NC at 10:00pm! We had so much fun at Tennessee! I made good frienships with very kind people. I hope we go there again!

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Joshua Horn said...

That trip was allot of fun!