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Monday, March 05, 2007

A Dead What?

We watched the Micro Dairy Farm again this weekend. It is wonderful (and hard) to work the land and animals. Steve and children were driving the truck to deliver hay to the cows when they spotted this dead chicken. The immediate thought of everyone was to dissect it. Out came the scalpel and the children crowded around. We had not an inkling of how to do it so we just started cutting. The feathers were difficult to pull out, but Claudia managed to pull some. We then sliced the body open and cut the ribs. We lost the little ones only because we took so long. Grace and Claudia persevered and were able to see the yolks in the chicken before they had formed into eggs. How marvelous! Homeschooling is a joy and provides so many opportunities to experience God's creation.


The Horn Family said...

That looks like fun.

Watch out World said...

That is hilarious!!!
I love it!