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Friday, August 11, 2006

Kitty O'Shea

Look! Up in the sky! It's a's a's Kitty O'Shea! Boomerang pacifier, lasso lankey (her special blanket), red ruby suction cup shoes and a Barney button flying diaper, these are the powers of the much loved Breagy family hero, Kitty O'Shea. She does not use her boomerang pacifier or Barney button flying diaper anymore, much to our disappointment. In this picture Kitty O'Shea is having some flying lessons. She loves to save her family members from things like Grace getting stuck in a tree or Stephen getting lost to things like saving Mama and Papa from a bear. Sometimes people like to steal her special powers and she has to rescue them, like the time when someone stole her boomerang pacifier and she had to rescue it from on a cloud. She has replaced her flying diaper with a cape which she loves, but she is upset that it has a S insted of K (for Kitty O'Shea).


Nanci Breagy said...

Wow!! A photo taken right in mid air!

Nanci Breagy said...

Claire looks like a little angel.